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In a Nutshell

This website is the by-product of my personal experiences while working with a nonprofit organization. It seeks to help nonprofit organizations and charities find and share discounts on products and services.

The website itself is “nonprofit” in the sense that it doesn’t generate any income (ads will hopefully one day help to cover the expenses). It is not affiliated to any organization or business.

I hope that it will be useful for your work!


If you work with a nonprofit organization, you are probably familiar with browsing providers’ websites to find out which of them is willing to give you a discount. Why not try to tackle this task from the opposite end by providing a platform where you can compare all these offers in one place!


Why discounts for nonprofits

While nonprofit organizations do important work for society and play an irreplaceable role for the rule of justice and the stability of democracies, their financial resources are often very modest and inadequate compared to the importance of their mission. This is true more than anywhere else in developing countries, under authoritarian regimes, during crises and in post-totalitarian settings. Staff and volunteers often have to invest considerable time and their own resources to keep this work going.

Being critical toward governments and corporations and sometimes opposing the majority in their views, nonprofits cannot simply rely on regular public support. Unfortunately, their work load even increases in times of general economic hardship. Nonprofits, obviously, need more support than just what those who are directly involved can afford.

I am glad that countless companies act responsibly and provide tangible support.


What I am trying to do

Through this website I highlight cases of good practice and, at the same time, I seek to facilitate better information sharing among nonprofits about special discounts. This way I hope to connect nonprofits with companies that are supportive in order to save them time and energy and help them achieve a better experience.

By all means I also wish to encourage individual customers who care about corporate social responsibility to preferably choose those supportive providers for their own needs.


Please join!

The information that you find here is partly based on user submissions. If you are involved in nonprofit work, please share your experiences. Representatives of companies may also submit a listing. You find instructions on the submission form.

This website is still very much under development and some features will be added only during the coming weeks (e.g. submission of more details about particular discounts).