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Free bronze plans for use by official non‑profit organizations and charities.
GitHub non‑profit accounts are designed for official non‑profit organizations and charities which are non‑government, non‑academic, non‑commercial in nature, and have no religious affiliation.

US-based organizations need to provide a proof of 501(c)(3) status, others need to contact the support staff to find out about equivalent documents.

Find more details at GitHub.

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Last update: March 7, 2013

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Since the early 90s active in the non-profit world and co-founder of a NGO, author of several IT projects.

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  1. So I am volunteering to reorganize a site for a 503(c) organization which provides living history resources for a wide variety of organizations in our region. We do also run a Ren Faire, which is our primary source of funds, so do we still qualify as non-commercial?

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