Please help us establish a database of all the worthy companies that support nonprofits.

Here are some guidelines that can help us to make the data meaningful:

  • If you write about a discount, make sure it refers to┬áthe same product or service as it is sold to other customers at its full value (including for example customer support). If the value is reduced by an amount that is negligible compared to the overall benefit, you may want to submit a report where you mention the drawback.
  • If you have received a discount, please submit it only if you are sure that others will enjoy the same offer and that it was not a special exception only for your nonprofit.
  • Please write in English, but for a global audience. Keep your text simple and to the point and avoid advertising, speculations and bad language.
  • Please write only about one provider at a time. Refrain from making comparisons with others.
  • Please make sure that you don’t post copyright-protected images.

We encourage also providers of nonprofit discounts to submit a listing.

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