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Dropbox for Teams is available with 30% off to accredited non-profit organizations.
Dropbox is a very user-friendly way to synchronize files from devices with a range of operating systems to their storage or between your devices. It also facilitates collaboration of teams on shared folders and sharing selected files and folders with non-team members.

While the usual account is based on a personal quota of cloud disk space, the team product lets multiple team workers use a common quota for the whole team.

Quoting a mail to us (22 Sept 2011):
I'd like to reconnect with you on the Dropbox for Teams product. When we last spoke, we were not able to offer any nonprofit pricing discounts. However, I have good news - we are now piloting a new Teams non-profit program and would like to invite you to join! If you are able to provide a government accredited paperwork that verifies your non-profit eligibility, we can offer you a 30% discount off of our regular pricing.

This discount has been confirmed by others and it applies not only to US-based non-profit organizations.

The support staff was very helpful to send them the right proof of legitimacy. We received the product (in September 2011) with 5 team members included. Extension of the discount after one year went very smoothly.

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Last update: January 9, 2017

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4 thoughts on “Dropbox”

  1. I am considering google drive for my non-profit organisation. They have a free plan for non profits.
    As an organisation that runs on donations only, even a 30% discount on 600/year leaves a large enough hole in the budget to worry about.

    1. I am in the same boat. 30% discount isn’t even close to at cost for drop box its a bit distasteful that they are trying to earn a profit off of non-profits.

    2. We use google and I am very happy with it (it’s now unlimited storage in Drive for all our accounts!). I try to stay away from Dropbox, I just don’t like them for some reason but that could be a personal bias.

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